Waiting Room Puzzles

Free Puzzle Publication to Enjoy While You Wait

Waiting Room Puzzles is a simple, full-color, monthly publication, with a thought-provoking puzzle or game on each page.  Space around the games will be reserved for local advertising.  This FREE publication can be found here online and in places where people sit in waiting rooms.

Online Ad Space

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Online ad space is available for purchase in monthly allotments. Get your message in front of people as they visit the site.
The audience would be comprised of businesses checking out Waiting Room Puzzles and consumers looking for the answers to the current month's puzzles.

Hot Off The Press

Grab a pencil and a cup of your favorite beverage. Print this out and exercise your mind.

PDF Printable Copy
Looking for a place to get your Waiting Room Puzzles "fix"? This marquee will host a list of places where you can find a copy. Stay tuned for coming additions in Vista.